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The putting on the jacket one, ugggh! My poor bbs.

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Every introvert alive knows the exquisite pleasure of stepping from the clamor of a party into the bathroom and closing the door.

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if you ever feel dumb remember that harry tried to convince snape that his nickname is ‘roonil wazlib’ 

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I wonder who is going to replace Jenna Coleman since she’s not returning to Doctor Who after this series.

A slim white female in her 20s whose casting is based mostly on how attractive Steven Moffat finds her. Next question.


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So what happens if two people who have promised their firstborn to separate witches have a child together? Do they both just pop up in the nursery and have a custody battle?

I need a book about a little girl whose parents had…


Hannibal Things
[1/3] favorite quotes

Abel Gideon was half-eaten in my guest room. I have corpses on my property. You just threw up an ear!

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MARY FUCKING SHELLEY. ’oh, i’m a nineteen year old female in a world where females are basically valued only as mothers, grieving over the loss of my child, disowned by my father, in dire financial straights, stuck in a country that’s not my own, ignored and cheated on by my…



Okay so I think Chris Evans was saying in an interview about how it’s always the children who discover the hero in disguise, and I just realized why: it’s because they’re short enough to see under the hat and they’re innocent and hopeful enough to still believe in heroes.

it’s because they’re short enough to see under the hat

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  • Mason Verger:

    I don't always drink, but when I do, I prefer the tears of your children.

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